Jokers & Thieves are:

Alex Esteverena: lead vocals, rhythm guitar and lead shaker
Dave Sechrest: loud (aka lead) guitar and backing vocals
Avey Gonzalez: gimme da bass and backing vocals
Jerry Rojas: drums and backing vocals for the full electric band
Mark Anenberg: drums and percussion for our acoustic shows
Suzie Clark: sparkling vocals and lead tambourine

Jokers & Thieves got it's start

many moons ago in the San Francisco South Bay Area with Dave, Alex and our brother in musical arms (on bass), Tom Buenz, under the name Chucklehead. But very soon after we started playing together an east coast Chucklehead threatened to sue us if we didn't change our name. And shortly after, and very tragically, we lost Tom. That nearly ended us. But hey, we're musicians and we need to play, right? I know Tom would agree (we miss ya buddy)!

So we changed our name to Jokers & Thieves*, pulled in our friends Brian Tucker on bass and Al Diaz on drums to help us finish our all original CD while regularly playing the local live music scene here in the Bay Area. And hence, J&T was born. Avey left his former band, Dig This, to join us in early 2000's and has been slappin' the bass with Alex and Dave ever since to form the backbone of J&T! And trust me, there's no better all around bass player than Avey G!

Jerry (of Entourage fame) and Mark share the title as drummer for J&T. Jerry mans the skins for the full 5 piece electric band gigs and Mark owns the skins for our acoustic "unplugged" shows. Suzie is our newest addition adding amazing 3rd part harmonies, and some much needed class!, as well taking the lead vocal on occasion.

Tom, Alex & Dave, the original CHucklEheAD

*"Said the joker to the thief" -All Along the Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix